About Us
Hi, My name is William Patton and my wife Debbie, and I own and operate Affordable &
Afterhours Appliance Service.

Started in 1997, Our goal has been to provide affordable and professional appliance repair
service at a reasonable price for the average consumer.

We pride ourselves on both our Honesty and our Quality of service.

I received my first "factory" training in 1977 and have since worked in many facets of the
appliance and/or air conditioning service industry.  After many years of working for various
companies and being told to sell more or "find" more problems with the customers
equipment  to meet a company's quota for the week, I decided to go to work for my self and
started AAA service.  And although there has been some bumps along the way I have never
been happier.  I feel like I am doing what I love to do and I only have to answer to my
customers(and my wife).